Adjustable galvanised shelving system.

The multi-purpose shelf: the secret to a well organized storage system is in the storage structure adopted. For this situation ROSSS have projected Unizinc, a new concept of shelving designed to be a "made to measure" storage system. A system with high weight capacity, but at the same time easy to assemble and highly cost effective. Moreover, thanks to the material and technology used in its production, Unizinc offers incomparable versatility. These features are complimented by the fact that the structure is made from completely hot-dipped galvanized steel, guaranteeing maximum protection against corrosive agent, and also rendering it ideal for humid and cold environments such as cold rooms. The Unizinc system can also be completed with several accessories, changing its use from a tyre holder, to exhaust pipe storage, to clothes hanger, to a versatile bin system with vertical separators suiting ones needs.